Fred Darko changes testimony again: “I took $216, 452 [and not $100,000] to Brazil”

Friday 29th August , 2014 8:41 am
The Dzamefe Commission
The Dzamefe Commission

Fred Darko, Project Coordinator of Ghana Brazil 2014 World Cup, on Thursday confessed to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry that, he took an amount of $216, 452 to Brazil.

Darko, a day earlier told the Commission that he took a little over $100,000 to Brazil, but later changed his position by indicating that he had no knowledge of the amount he sent to Brazil.

He was tasked by the Commission to provide the exact figure the next day, which he did on Thursday.

According to Darko, the money was meant for the payment of allowances for ambassadors, production and operational team, medical team, security and other expenditures.

Darko stated that, he left Ghana with the said amount on June 13, with a permission note from the Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He explained that, per diems for various officials ranged from $150 to $250 per person.

According to Darko, members of the production team, the medical team received $150 as per diems, whilst the ambassadors were paid $250 each.

Giving a summary of his performance as the Project Manager of the Committee, Darko, said “Iwill give my self a pass mark of six over ten.”

He however added that, the management of the travel arrangements affected the organisation of the trip.

“There were several challenges, some of which we expected but we could not identify their source.

“But we have learned very useful lessons, which will help us in future arrangements,” he stated.

Darko, added that, the absence of a procurement officer on the committee also affected their operations since there could have been better negotiations for some purchases.

Source: GNA