Day 14: Africa Origin demand $108,000 from govt despite signing no contract

Wednesday 3rd September , 2014 7:43 pm
CEO of Africa Origin Travel & Sports Tourism
CEO of Africa Origin Travel & Sports Tourism

Africa Origin Travel and Sports Tourism want the Ministry Youth and Sports (MOYS) to pay them $108,000 for services rendered the state during Brazil 2014.

Africa Origin (AOTST) was one of three travel agencies hired by the Planning Committee of the Ghana Brazil 2014 World Cup Project.

Speaking on Wednesday, the Chief Executive of AOTST gave his testimony on what was his second day of appearing before the Justice Dzamefe-led commission, after his initial appearance on Tuesday.


Samson Deen, the CEO, had told the commission earlier that his agency had been allocated 217 supporters to airlift to Brazil.

The allocation was done by MOYS.

Per his testimony, Deen says the amount represents a $400 profit margin on each of the 217 supporters.

The CEO complained throughout his appearance about the conduct of MOYS, insisting that there had been “many inconsistencies” on Brazil 2014 secretariat.

For the umpteenth time the commission heard that Africa Origin, like many other individuals who have appeared, did not sign a formal agreement with the MOYS to this effect.

“I know you do business based on trust,” Justice Dzamefe said, going on: “But Mr. Deen, at this level we deal with what is written.”

“I beg of you, like I’ve told others, please make sure everything is on paper next time. And I mean everything little detail.”

More money

Deen is also asking the commission to use its power to compel MOYS to pay him an additional GHS 59, 722.74.

This, according to him, is the cost of tickets for the 217 fans at the unit cost of 275.22 GHS.

The Commission also heard that MOYS owes Africa Origin because of its negligence.

Deen alleged that he had suffered “serious losses due to delays in making the payments on agreed times,” plus other business and legal fees.

“My lord, I can tell you that the ministry are the cause of their own problems,” Deen said when asked about his personal take on the entire Brazil 2014 fiasco.

Gov’t must let go

With experience in transporting supporters to and from Ghana since 2006, Deen brought his insight to bear.

“Like I have said throughout, my lord, I think the government mus take itself away from everything that has to do with airlifting supporters.

” Because Ghanaians are involved, the most the government can do is be a facilitator, but they should not take charge [of airlifting].”

Deen had previously stated on Tuesday that he had expressly advised the former minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, that the plans to set up fan parks in Brazil among other things will not work.

“We met initially – me and Fred Darko [the head of the Planning Committee] at Baatsonaa Filling Station – and I told them their plans were more fit for Olympic Games.”

As a suggestion, Deen wanted the state to instead consider establishing an outfit with sufficient professional consultation to coordinate and serve the supporters.

The commission resumes on Thursday.

By: Gary Al-Smith/citifmonline/Ghana