FA official: “Kwesi Appiah sacked because he disrespected us”

Monday 15th September , 2014 4:51 pm
kwesi app

Kojo Yankah, the Ghana FA chairman in the Central Regional is the latest name to say that Kwesi Appiah was sacked because he was disrespectful.

In the space of a few days, both Yankah and the FA’s spokesperson Ibrahim Sanni Daara have both hinted that this was the reason for axing the 54-year old coach.

“The decision to sack Kwesi Appiah was taken by the Executive Committee on Friday and not during our Thursday sitting,” Yankah said.

“We formed a quorum, so it made it possible for us to take a decision; hence any member who failed to attend is bounded by that decision.

“Kwesi was sacked because he disrespected us during the Black Stars press conference in Kumasi prior to the Ghana-Uganda Afcon qualifier; in a reaction to a question concerning whether he suggested the need to get him a technical adviser or not, Kwesi said it wasn’t his idea and even if the nation has money to hire him ten advisers he welcomes them.”

“As members of the Executive Committee we felt insulted and that influenced our decision regarding his future as the Black Stars trainer,” Kojo Yankah told Hot FM in Accra.

But there is a problem with this explanation, because another Executive Committee member says this is a lie.

Cudjoe Fianoo has challenged Yankah’s assertion, insisting that the committee never took such a decision on Thursday, when he was present.

Fianoo further says if such a conclusion was arrived at on Friday, then Yankah should produce minutes of that meeting, at which most members were not present.

Fianoo ventures: “We met on Thursday to discuss issues concerning the Ghana FA, but we never deliberated on the sacking of Kwesi Appiah. What we said concerning coaching was for the 3-member committee set-up to get a technical adviser for the Black Stars to submit their report.

“If they are saying a meeting was held on Friday and it was during that meeting, they took the decision to fire Kwesi Appiah and then the General Secretary should get us the minutes of the said meeting,” Fianoo finishes.

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Sanni makes similar claim

This weekend, Ibrahim Sanni Saara spoke on the issue as the FA tried to rationalise the dismissal of Appiah.

Despite strong hints from his outfit to the contrary, the FA spokesman says Kwesi Appiah’s never asked for a technical adviser.

Previous statements by the body had hinted that Kwesi Appiah had issued a cry for help, fueling public speculation that another coach be added to Ghana’s technical bench.

“Upon our return [from Brazil],” FA spokesman Sanni Daara said, “management thought that going forward in the way to approach our future matches, we should look at the experiences we gained from the World Cup, we should do things that other countries have done that has helped them.”

“And that we should look into that direction of bringing a technical adviser to help the coach; that was the understanding we had,” he explained.

He continues: “The Executive Committee as managers of the game has the right to say that this is the direction we want the team to go. And it is important that at every step of the way, we engage the coach in it.”

“If the coach has any strong disagreeing opinion, the place to address that was the Executive Committee. So the Committee thinks that the fact that privately we have gone on even giving [him] the opportunity to the [three-man] committee set up by the Executive committee to go on and work with them to reach an agreement is the faith shown that the coach is being engaged in the process.”

“So the fact that that has been done in meetings and then publicly you insist that it is not with your decision, it means that there is the potential for conflict and that is not what the Executive Committee wants,” Sannie Daara stated.

This brings even more friction between the 54-year old and his former employers, and Citi Sports understands that since he was sacked before his contract ended, Appiah will need to be compensated.

The amounts could go into hundreds of thousands of dollars, although the GFA will surely haggle for a compromise.

Lawyers of Kwesi Appiah and the Ghana FA are expected to meet this week to work out his severance package.

The coach had just entered an extended two-year contract beginning August 1 with a $25,000 monthly salary and a $100,000 signing on fee.

By Gary Al-Smith/citifmonline.com/Ghana