Bukom Banku allegedly arrested for assault

Friday 7th November , 2014 7:52 am

Enigmatic boxer, Braimah Kamoko, aka Bukom Banku, is in big trouble with the Police after he and his 14-year old son allegedly assaulted one Richmond Armah, a 28-year-old footballer.

James Town Police Dis­trict Crime Officer, DSP John Anane has reportedly confirmed that they are investigating the matter following a complaint by Armah, popularly called Poolele who, it has been reported, sustained injuries on his face as a result of the attack.

Bukom Banku was allegedly arrested on Tuesday evening when he showed up by himself at the Police station after which he was made to write a statement and released on bail.

The complainant reportedly had a misunderstanding with Kamoko’s son, Amadu ­near the famous Bukom Square Park where Bukom Banku lives.

Amadu was said to be bathing at the same time Armah ­called a lady passing by but she ignored him. Armah then asked another lady, Naa who succeeded in calling the lady only for Banku’s son to allegedly convince the lady to change her mind and leave which apparently did not go too well with Armah.

The story continued that after Amadu reported the matter to his father when Bukom Banku reportedly arrived on the scene, the undefeated boxer openly urged his son to fight Armah by asking him to slap Armah in an attempt to provoke him.

The 14 year old Amadu reportedly heeded his father’s urge and slapped Richmond several times in the presence of several unbelieving wit­nesses.

According to Richmond Armah, he allowed the teenager to continuously slap him because he realized Bukom Banku wanted an opportu­nity to beat him.

At a point, Richmond said he could not take it any longer so decided to leave the scene.

He said Bukom Banku put his finger in his right eye and scratched his face with his car keys, adding that blood oozed from his face.

Armah also revealed he lodged an official complainant with the James Town Police after visiting the hospital for treatment.

Information has it that the enigmatic boxer who has friends in very high places, has got down on his knees pleading with certain influential politicians to help him avoid trial.

Source: Allsports.com