Ghana’s Afcon bonuses set for heavy cuts

Wednesday 17th December , 2014 11:31 am
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Ghana’s sports authorities have announced drastic changes to the bonus structure of the Black Stars in the coming African Cup.

The country’s Ministry of Youth and Sports is proposing a new bonus package for the upcoming 2015 tournament. According to the new proposal, each player will get a flat match appearance fee of $5,000 per game irrespective of the outcome or which stage of the tournament they get to.

At the World Cup, each player earned up to $15,000 if the team won a game and $10,000 for a draw. The plan was that as the team progressed, this amount increased.

[contextly_sidebar id=”2mUt1Hpyqha4arVDjNhqI3ZukYZ0VY45″] But this new proposal is seen as government’s response to the huge public outcry in recent months that the Black Stars takes too much in taxpayers’ funds – especially as they do not bring in laurels.

What it means

If the new amount is approved, this would mean that each player will earn $30,000 for six games played if they were to make it to the Afcon final.

In the past, each player would have earned up to $90,000 for the same number of games.

But as an incentive and to keep the team’s focus on winning, each member of the team would now get an extra $60,000 only if they actually win the tournament.

Citi News understands that this new regime has been proposed after extensive discussions between the Minister of Sports, Mahama Ayariga and Ghana Football Association officials.


In March, the Communications Director of the GFA told the Citi Breakfast Show that the country cannot continue to accept the demands of the players of the Black Stars with regards to their bonuses.

“…some of these things are unsustainable for the country, if we should continue with the level of continuous increment it will get to a point where we will not be able to sustain it,” he said on March 13.

At the time, Black Stars were demanding a whopping $18, 000 winning bonus per game, per player at the World Cup – which was a 30% increase on the usual $15,000.

But after their spectacular failure in Brazil, the general public has been merciless in asking for a massive slash in their budgets.

By: Gary Al-Smith/citifmonline.com/Ghana