Prof Doodu:Bissah was marked for scholarship before she won gold

Friday 20th March , 2015 8:16 pm
prof francis doudu

President of the Ghana Olympic Committee Professor Francis Doodu has revealed that discussions to award Martha Bissah a scholarship to aid her develop her talent begun way before she won Gold at the Youth Olympics in China.

The issue of Martha’s scholarship has dominated sports discussions around the country after President Mahama in his State of the nation’s address this year made mention of plans to have Bissah travel to the United States of America to continue her development.

Professor Francis Doodu speaking on Citi Fm’s Sports Panorama also clarified that the scholarship mentioned by the President was the same one offered by the Ghana Athletics Association.

“The scholarship for Martha did not originate from her performance in Nanjing i’m always talking to our athletes and before she went to Nanjing we had talked about scholarship opportunities.

“It is not a formal thing that the GAA does its nobody’s mandate to do this,GAA isn’t required to find scholarships for athletes but it so happens that there is a critical mass of people in the GAA right now who think that this is the best way that we can support our athletes in terms of helping them advance themselves beyond athletics for the future.

“So we have been doing it for the last three years.”he explained.

Benjamin Nketsia/Citifmonline.com/Ghana