Roach: Cotto says Pacquiao is Going to Kill Mayweather

Wednesday 1st April , 2015 7:16 am

WBC Middleweight champion Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) is a common opponent of both Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao and feels that Manny has what it takes to overcome the undefeated favorite Mayweather.

Cotto was TKO’d by Pacquiao in 12th round of their slugfest in 2009 and was outpointed by Floyd in 2012 by a 12 round unanimous decision.

Cotto is currently trained by Freddie Roach, who is also the long-time trainer of Pacquiao. Roach took the opportunity to ask Cotto about his feelings of the mega-fight and Miguel made it clear that he is rooting for and also fully believes Manny is going to overwhelm Floyd on May 2.

“He (Cotto) doesn’t think much of Mayweather and told me he thinks Manny is going to kill him,” Roach explained to Yahoo Sports, “I do, too, so that made me feel good. The things we’ve been working on have been going pretty well.”

Roach also queried Cotto on what he thinks Mayweather’s biggest strengths are and Miguel stated that Floyd is extremely clever in getting his opponents to fall for traps in the ring.

Freddie is preparing Pacquiao for Mayweather’s tricks and is hoping to avoid the same pitfalls that many of Mayweather’s past foes have fallen into.

I asked Miguel for some advice and what he thought Mayweather’s best moves are.” Roach stated, “He said that Mayweather is very good at setting a trap and making people walk into it, but Manny is very familiar with that trap.

That’s not going to surprise him. This is such a massive fight and Manny wants to win it so bad, he’s been spot on with everything.”

Floyd is a master defensive fighter and is an excellent strategist in the ring, and it is not likely that the “Pacman” will be able to walk through Mayweather as Cotto is suggesting.

Mayweather’s work rate however is not very high and thus there remains the possibility that Manny can outwork Floyd for the victory.

The fate of the fight may depend on if Floyd can lure Manny into his traps or not, which is something Roach is desperately trying to avoid.




Source: Boxing News 24