Pacquiao promises to beat Mayweather and covert him into Christianity

Thursday 30th April , 2015 4:32 pm

Manny Pacquiao has assured his fans he is going to beat long-time rival Floyd Mayweather on Saturday and convert him [Mayweather] into Christianity after the bout.

The Filipino boxer disclosed this during his final press conference at the MGM grand hotel in Las Vegas ahead of their $300 million mega-fight this Saturday.

Speaking to cross section of journalists gathered at the hotel, the one-time congressman thanked his fans for their support and assured them a good show come Saturday.

“I will like to invite everyone to come and witness this big fight this Friday. It’s going to be a good fight. For this fight on Saturday, my goal is to give our fans all the enjoyment they deserve.

On Saturday, both of us, Floyd and I have been working hard to entertain you. This is nothing personal,” Manny Pacquiao noted.

He further assured everyone he was prepared for the upcoming bout at the MGM Grand and revealed he was planning to convert Floyd Mayweather into Christianity after the bout.

“But the most important thing is that, I am hoping that after the fight I can have a conversation with Floyd sharing my faith about God and how to believe in him so he can inspire those children who are looking to support us.

Pacquiao went on to attribute his success to boxing to God and urged his numerous fans to take inspiration from his upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather.

“Before I became I boxer I used to sleep in the streets hungry and now I cannot imagine the lord has raised me in this position and blessed me with blessings I cannot imagine.

I just want you to know that, everything I have accomplished is God who gave me the strength. I just want to be an example and inspiration to everybody.”

Manny Pacquiao is hoping to become the first boxer to defeat Maywether who is hasn’t tasted defeat since his controversial loss to Bulgarian Serafim Todorov at Atlanta 1996.

Mayweather’s fight against Pacquiao is expected to be the richest in the history of boxing and they will walk away with about £200m between them.





By: Benjamin Epton Owusu/citifmonline/Ghana