GAA backs Seb Coe for IAAF Presidency

Friday 14th August , 2015 8:12 am
Ghana's pick: Lord Sebastian Coe (Image credit: AP)
Ghana's pick: Lord Sebastian Coe (Image credit: AP)

The Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has declared its support for Lord Sebastian Coe in his bid to become IAAF President.

Coe, a former Olympic champion in the 1500 metres, is contesting former Olympic pole vault champion Sergey Bubka and Ghana became the 23rd country to support his candidature.

This was stated in a release from the GAA signed by its president Prof. Francis Dodoo.

“Ghana Athletics is proud to come out today in support of Sebastian Coe’s bid for the Presidency of the IAAF.

We believe Seb has the integrity, knowledge, skills, understanding, experience, vision and temperament necessary to lead our global organization forward.

Our previous exchanges, particularly in the last couple of years, and even before he became a candidate, assure us that he understands the circumstances of smaller and less wealthy countries, and I have seen, first-hand, his attempt to provoke precisely the kind of support smaller countries and federations like ours need to remain competitive on the global stage.

He is precisely the kind of leader African federations need to further the great work our own departing president, the Honorable Lamine Diack, has done.

Seb’s understanding of the challenges of our time, especially TODAY, makes him best suited to help the IAAF forge ahead successfully; his position on doping–simultaneously strong in the defense of the IAAF, and forward in his thinking about how we must deal with this real menace of doping to protect clean athletes and ensure the scourge doesn’t engulf or completely sink the sport–are spot on.

I support his vision of an independent body to superintend over anti-doping processes in athletics.

Additionally, his understanding of the opportunities that exist to grow and advance the sport is clearly reflected in his manifesto; his knowledge of the commercial landscape and his ability to procure collaboration, commitment, understanding, and sponsorship was well reflected in the wonderful Olympiad he engineered in London.

And his proposal to provide an Olympic Athletics Dividend will inure, in a very significant way, to the benefit of us the smaller federations, by virtually tripling the annual resource available to us from the IAAF to support tailored development…tailored to our respective needs.

Ghana Athletics’ position is that our global athletics family is fortunate to have two outstanding candidates standing for the position of President.

But the choice for Ghana is not a difficult one; voting for Seb Coe allows our global family to benefit from the experience and expertise of these two men who are heroes to generations of athletes across the world.

Any other vote means we lose one of these two great men, because Seb is not standing for Vice President.

In our thinking, it doesn’t make sense to vote in a way that doesn’t allow us to benefit from these two stars, so Ghana will vote Sebastian Coe for President of the IAAF (and Sergey Bubka for Vice President), and we think there is really no other way to go forward.”



Source: Ghana Athletics Association