Jordan Ayew key as Aston Villa take on Manchester United

Friday 14th August , 2015 12:48 pm

Ghana and Aston Villa striker Jordan Ayew’s debut performance against Bournemouth on opening day of the Barclay’s English Premier League can best be described as an anonymous and difficult.

The temperature of that oven is set to be turned up a notch higher in his second game for the club when Manchester United visit.

Home fans
The youngster who has recently been tagged by his dad Abedi Pele as the most talented among his sons will have a lot to do to live up to that billing as Villa fans get their first close up look at their new and expensive acquisition.

It was evident Jordan suffered from first game jitters on his English Premiership debut as he repeatedly misplaced simple passes in the game against Bournemouth, putting his teammates under pressure in the process.

Deployed on the right wing and later swapping places as the match progressed he found it difficult to impose himself as he barely made any direct runs into the opposition area and looked lost due to the game’s tempo.


Not only will this be his full debut in front of his home fans but it will be against a Manchester United side who are eager to prove their worth especially in the defensive department where manager Louis Van Gaal has been criticized for not reinforcing since the departure of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic.

Over the past two season’s the counter attacking tactics coupled with the over reliance on set pieces by former Villa boss Paul Lambert has ensured that the Villa faithful have been starved of exciting football.

In the months leading up to his dismissal the fans continuously brought placards displaying their displeasure for the managers philosophy amidst chants asking for him to be kicked out.

paul mmm

The signing of Jordan,Sinclair and Adama Traore is a clear signal of the urge to turn the team’s style of play around by manager Tim Sherwood.

As if the competition from fellow attackers Gestede and Adama Traore isn’t bad enough Jordan will quickly have to adapt to the tempo of the game and even begin applying himself in helping to win back the ball when the team give up possession.

It might take more than his second game to get into rhythm but a positive body language will be key to how he is received by fans of a club who are quick to identify with hard working players.

Jordan will have his work cut out especially with his reputation of being a broody and lethargic player during difficult matches.

However if a player ever had a statement to make it will be Jordan Ayew and an encounter against Manchester United presents that perfect opportunity.

Moment of Truth


Elder brother Andre Ayew set the pace with his goal against champions Chelsea and while it might be unfair to consistently compare the two it is equally unavoidable.

A debut goal for Aston Villa will lift the pressure of his shoulders and give him the confidence to play more expressively.

The talent of Jordan Ayew has never been in doubt but his attitude and body language especially in difficult games will play a key role on what future holds for him at the club.

If Jordan Ayew applies himself he could be a leader for Tim Sherwood in the post Benteke rebuilding era.

Both Aston Villa or Manchester United will be eager to keep a hundred percent record following their match day 1 wins.

By:Benjamin Nketsia/citifmonline.com/Ghana