Chris Eubank Jr stops Renold Quinlan to win IBO world super-middleweight title

Monday 6th February , 2017 10:28 am

Chris Eubank Jr stopped Renold Quinlan in the 10th round of a one-sided contest to win the IBO world super-middleweight title.

Eubank dominated Saturday night’s fight after stepping up in weight, with his Australian opponent taking a lot of punishment before eventually being overwhelmed at the London Olympia.

Quinlan showed a lot of heart to stay in the match for as long as he did but Eubank won every round and collected what many predicted would be a straightforward victory.

There were few signs of nerves from Quinlan, who came forward throughout the first round as Eubank tried to set the tone with a few ambitious hooks.

It continued in untidy fashion in the second, with Quinlan showing good accuracy as Eubank responded with some decent counters.

Eubank had his opponent pinned to the ropes for the majority of the third round and threw some huge shots – mostly his uppercut – as Quinlan sought to escape with some sharp jabs.

Eubank seemed in the mood to end the contest in the fourth and blasted Quinlan with a stinging left hook right in the first few seconds.

The Australian took the shot well and went on to fire a few jabs off his own, which Eubank made a point of showing had not affected him with a shrug of the shoulders to his opponent.

It was all-out defence for Quinlan in the final stages of the round, which he finished in the corner, absorbing a barrage of Eubank punches.

Quinlan continue to take everything that was thrown at him in round five and displayed great resilience under heavy fire in both that round and the sixth, again ending that stanza crouched in the corner.