Improve conditions to keep players in Ghanaian league- Avrant Grant to GFA

Thursday 9th February , 2017 10:35 am
Avram Grant (Image credit: Images Image)
Avram Grant (Image credit: Images Image)

Departing Ghana coach Avram Grant has cautioned the Ghana Football Association to ameliorate conditions existing in the Ghana Premier League in order to stop the mass exodus of the players to overseas destinations.

Grant believes that because factors such as wages and income, poor pitches and low levels of technical knowledge among coaches go a long way to affect the local game and force players to leave the country making them miss out on possible national team players.

The Israeli was speaking on Metro Television’s “Sports File” programme on Wednesday evening and was responding to why outfield players from the Ghana Premier League rarely made appearances for the Black Stars.

“That perception is not true. All the good local players were leaving the country before I came and it kept on happening. For instance, Samuel Tetteh and Mohammed Kadri were all sent outside in my time.

I went round the league centres and I saw a lot of players. But my job is with the Black Stars and most of them do play outside the country.”

He then went on to talk about the conditions in the league which force players to travel outside the country to play football.

“There are a lot of things happening which are not professional. In all the local games I saw, there was a lot of passion and I admired the local players.

However, when players leave Ghana at ages 16, 17, 18, and older leave Ghana. There are lots of Ghanaian players outside and every time, I draw up a team, I get told there are many Ghanaian players out there.

Players must be paid a decent salary, the pitches must be good and coaches need to be upgraded. They cannot develop themselves because there is no money and they cannot afford to go to Europe.

I tried to organise courses for them but I do not know why they did not attend.

If these things that I have mentioned are done, the league will improve.”




By: Nathan Quao/citifmonline.com/Ghana