Francis Dodoo: Tertiary scholarships changing the face of athletics in Ghana

Tuesday 7th March , 2017 2:16 pm

President of the Ghana Olympic Committee Professor Francis Dodoo believes the decision of a number of tertiary institutions to award students with scholarships has boosted athletics at the student level in the country.

The GOC boss admitted that the improvement of sports infrastructure among some of these schools has paved way for the admission of talents in the various fields of athletics.

According to him the opportunity given to these young ones to hone their talent is a step in the right direction.

“I think what has happened with some of the Universities and I know this has happened with the University of Ghana is this facility that allows talented athletes to get a better chance of admission.

“Clearly the University of Cape Coast is doing it, as well as the University of Winneba even though they are doing it differently.

“What it means now is that very good athletes have a chance to go to college.

“It may not be scholarships in the same sense as what happens in the United States but at least it gives them admission.

“I could count maybe 30 or 40 young men and women who have run in our circuit over the last two-year are in college now,” he indicated.

By: Benjamin Nketsia/