“Growing older has made me better”- Jordan Ayew

Tuesday 11th April , 2017 5:49 pm

Ghana international, Jordan Ayew, has revealed that his output as a player has increased as he has grown older as a person.

The 25-year old has become a regular part of the Black Stars team and he is impressing people at his new Premier League club, Swansea City.

The youngest of the Ayew brothers has always been a subject of discussion among football fans ever since he emerged on the scene.

Followers of the Black Stars have criticised him for not working hard enough and for not showing enough spirit and enthusiasm while others feel that he is not efficient enough to the team’s benefit.

However, the player believes that time has taught him valuable lessons and he has taken giant steps forward in his life and career.

“My problem when I was younger was that I was not consistent,” Ayew says. But I am better now because I am more mature. I understand things better,” he said in an interview for the “In The Spotlight” series on Swansea City’s official website on Tuesday.

Jordan Ayew went on to explain that regular trips to visit his brother, Andre, during his time in Swansea made gave him reasons to say ‘yes’ to the club when they made an offer to sign him from Aston Villa.

He also said that he had been targeted because he had done a lot on the football pitch for Aston Villa to get other teams interested in him.

“I got the opportunity with Villa. It didn’t work out really well for the team but I think it was okay for me, although you don’t see that when the team go down. It’s hard to enjoy it.

But I always tried to do my best, that’s the truth, and I hope people could see that. Maybe that’s why I was given the opportunity to come to Swansea.”

“I was about to go back to France but when I heard about Swansea, I knew I wanted to come.  I spoke to my brother and he also told me to come here. He said I would be making a good move for my career.

He has good memories of Swansea, and I knew about the club and the city because of him.  When Andre was playing here, I was here every week. We had a day off at Villa and after training I would come to spend some time with him.

“I was always laughing at my brother because in Swansea it was always raining. A year later, I am here! You cannot predict what will happen.”

Jordan Ayew and his Swansea team face Watford on Satrurday April 15 in the Premier League.




By: Citi Sports Desk