FIFPro to Italian League: ‘Rescind Muntari card’

Wednesday 3rd May , 2017 5:50 am

FIFPro demand that Sulley Muntari’s yellow card is rescinded after he was racially abused, but the Italian authorities opted to penalise the player rather than Cagliari.

The incident occurred during Sunday’s 1-0 home win for the Sardinians over Muntari’s Pescara.

The Ghana midfielder heard racist chants from a small group in the crowd and, when he urged the referee to do something, he was booked.

On Tuesday, the Disciplinary Commission confirmed not only would the yellow card start – and thus his suspension – but Cagliari would not be penalised because the chanting was “only from around 10 people.”

Now FIFPro, the union of world professional football players, have released a statement.

“We urge Italian authorities to hear Muntari’s version of events, investigate why the situation was mismanaged, and take firm action to ensure this never happens again.

“FIFPro believes Muntari’s yellow card should be rescinded.

“Muntari was well within his rights to approach referee Daniele Minelli, as the first point of reference, to make his grievances known and seek a solution.

“Players should feel comfortable bringing any issue to the attention of the referee, especially one as significant as allegations of racism in the workplace.

“No player should ever feel the need to take matters into his own hands, as Muntari clearly felt obliged to do, by abandoning the match or taking spectators to task for inappropriate behaviour.

“Professional footballers should expect to be adequately protected by the relevant authorities in a place of work that does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”




Source: Football-Italia