Ghana Boxing Authority to sue Ghana Police Service over injured boxer

Thursday 3rd August , 2017 11:28 am

The President of the Ghana Boxing Authority, Peter Zweenes, says the entity is planning on taking legal action against the Ghana Police Service in order to aid the situation of of welterweight boxer, Isaac Aryee.

Aryee was knocked down by a Police vehicle in a hit-and-run incident in May this year leading to injuries to the head and neck.

The former Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, donated GHS 14,000 through the Ghana Boxing Authority to the boxer to cover the cost of surgery.

GHS 4,000 was paid in May and when the outstanding amount was paid on Tuesday, Zweenes made his intentions known.


“The Ghana Boxing Authority is planning to take civil action against the Ghana Police Service and the Attorney-General’s department. I have already written to the Police for a copy of the Police report.

As soon as we get it, we will bring a civil action in court and ask for liquidated damages not only for the current injuries he suffered but for the loss of the opportunity to box into the future.

The court will look at how many boxing years he has left, how much potentially he would have made and what chances would he have had to get a world title. These are the things the court will look at in calculating the damages to be awarded.”




By: Nathan Quao/