“I welcome GFA bribery investigations”- Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum

Thursday 26th October , 2017 2:49 pm
Paa Kwesi Ndoum (middle)
Paa Kwesi Ndoum (middle)

CEO of Elmina Sharks, Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum, has welcomed the Ghana Football Association’s decision to investigate allegations and rumours of match-fixing, bribery and corruption in the Ghana Premier League.

The GFA made its intentions public earlier this week via a statement  from the GFA’s Ethics Committee and observers say that the step is long overdue.

Dr. Ndoum believes that the GFA has taken a good decision but the move should also seek to clean the GFA itself and bring some shine to the Ghana Premier League.

“I will very much welcome the step and it will be appropriate and very necessary. It should not be something to do with the Ethics Committee alone. It should look at the entire GFA.

The GFA must review the link between the allegations that are being made and what is happening on the ground and the relative un attractiveness of the Ghana Football League.

That is what we need to examine and so, I welcome it and it must be done thoroughly and it should involve independent from outside the GFA.”

Earlier this month, Dr. Ndoum said via a Facebook post that the certain acts were taking place in the league and he was unhappy with the developments.

The post read:

“By the way, Aduana Stars are on top of the league and soon to be declared champions officially. Really? When is football not football? When administrators strategize to cheat. When referees take bribes to decide the outcome of matches, when losers on the field of play rely on “ways and means” off the field to win points, when fans believe they must make opposing side afraid to play, when players are given money to play against their own teams, etc. etc.

This is the football I have come to experience in this first year of our team, the Fearsome Elmina Sharks being in the Premier League. There are reasons why the Ghana Football League lacks sponsors. For me it is unexciting performance due to cheating referees, administrators and undisciplined fans..” 

He told Citi Sports that he would be available to help the Ethics Committee make the league better.

“When I am invited, I will go and talk to them. I will deal with them in accordance with what the rules are.”

Elmina Sharks, under the guidance of Dr. Ndoum, finished 9th in the Ghana Premier League in their debut season.




By: Nathan Quao/citifmonline.com/Ghana