McDan Promises La Community ‘Something Big’

Friday 27th October , 2017 12:12 pm

Group chairman  of McDan Group, Dr Daniel McKorley, left the La Community Park few days ago touched by display soccer skills displayed in this year’s McDan Ga Adangbe Homowo Unity Cup.

He has as a result told the residents in the community to expect ‘something big’ in future.

This writer’s checks indicate that the promise will be the construction of an astro turf in the community.

He said in his address at this year’s event that “I am highly impressed with the display of soccer skills in today’s game, which sets the tone  for the tournament.

“Keep working hard as we at McDan have always believed in quality in every sphere of our operations. And as l promised the other time, expect something big from McDan in future.

“For what l have seen, it will be a facility that will promote sports development in this area and Ghana as a whole.”

At stake for this year’s event are special cash prizes and trophies for teams and individuals who will excel.

The month long soccer tournament started on October 23 and expected to end on December 3.




Source: Kofi Aduonum/ Daily Guide