GBA boss wants Trust Emporium roofed

Friday 15th December , 2017 10:54 am

President of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) Peter Zwennes has called on management of the Bukom Boxing Emporium to consider roofing the facility after the Azumah Nelson Fight Night was rained off last Friday.

The 5th edition of the fight night which had six scheduled bouts was stopped after the second bout; a National Super Featherweight Championship between Abraham Osei Bonsu and Felix Adjom, when a torrential rain forced the promoters to call it off.

Zwennes has expressed his disappointment at the outcome and wants the management of the facility to revisit the architectural plan of the arena.

“We have serious rainy seasons in this country and also the occasional unexpected rains. Time and again we have experienced rains at the arena, but thankfully it comes during the day and we are spared when the event starts later in the day.

But this was different and we were all drenched in the rain. It was a shame that had to happen because the promoter did well to assemble a very competitive line up,” he said.

We had a few reservations about the facility when it was first constructed and the lack of a room was one of them.”

Zwennes also spoke about the limited capacity at the arena which has been exposed over the past few months.

“The capacity is just about 4000, and it is too low for a popular sport like boxing. We felt that a seating capacity of about 20,000 would have been more ideal.

“We all saw how limited it was during the Bukom Banku and Samir Bastie fight when a lot of people were forced to remain outside the arena.




By: Daniel Koranteng/