Cesar Juarez Furious: Tony Weeks Robbed Me of Dogboe Win!

Monday 8th January , 2018 9:09 am

Mexican fighter Cesar Juarez is furious with referee Tony Weeks’ performance on Saturday night in Accra, Ghana.

Juarez believes he was hampered in his ability to capture the World Boxing Organization’s interim-super bantamweight title in his fight against local slugger Isaac Dogboe.

Juarez was down in the second round and then went down again in the fifth. After the second knockdown, Weeks waved off the contest and Dogoe secured a mandatory shot at full WBO champion Jessie Magdaleno.

Juarez believes Weeks failed to give him a count after the second knockdown, claiming the referee acted unethical to the extent that the Mexican fighter is considering a move to submit a protest with the WBO in the coming days.

“Actually I feel very angry. The fight was already mine, Dogboe did not beat me. The one who robbed me and beat me was Tony. He is a professional referee but today there was an act on his part with little professional ethics,” said Juarez to ESPN Deportes.

“He had to give me the count. I looked good, he dropped me in the [second] round and that punch was a lot worse, it was harder [than the punch in the fifth]. But you know me, they always drop me and I always get up to win.

“The fight was badly stopped, I got up like a spring because [the punch] didn’t put me in a bad condition. He caught me and it was badly stopped. That’s why I got up quickly, because I immediately recovered. They have seen my fights. They know of my ability, I always get up to win, it happened to me with (Albert) Pagara, with Nonito (Donaire). In all my fights they drop me and I always get up to win, and besides that I was already dominating Isaac Dogboe.

“He connected me on me hard [in the second], but in the third and fourth rounds, the fifth round.. I felt that I was dominating him.. he was not as strong, I did not feel him having the same power, I felt that I was going to knock him out because he was already very tired. I was fine, and as the rounds progressed I felt more loose and stronger.

“I would really like to get a protest, the referee’s performance was bad, he did not ask me if I felt good, I asked him why, ‘why are you stop it’, I told him I was fine, I said ‘I’m good’, I’m well, and the truth is  I got very angry, it was a moment that filled me with anger because I felt strong enough to continue.”




Source: Miguel Rivera/ Boxing Scene