Kwesi Nyantakyi: Corruption perception against GFA is “useless talk”

Thursday 8th March , 2018 12:02 pm

President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi, has described perceptions of the country’s football governing body being corrupt as “useless talk”.

The GFA has come under attack from a section of the public since revelations of embezzlement during the 2014 world cup came to light during the Dzamefe Commission of Enquiry sittings.

For years, the GFA has had to fight off the perception of corruption in the Ghanaian public eye fomented by the guarded way in which the affairs of the Association is run.

In 2015, Ghana scored zero on all categories of Transparency International’s Football Governance League Table.

But speaking to Vision 1 FM Wednesday, Nyantakyi described any such impression that the GFA was corrupt as unfounded.

“I’ve always asked all those who claim the GFA is corrupt to come forward with evidence. It’s useless talk in my opinion,” he said.

“People are always shouting ‘corrupt people’ but where is the evidence? That’s why I sued a presenter [Countryman Songo] and now he is all over the place.

“The rumor mongering in Ghana is too much. It’s not only the GFA – it’s in the church, in governance. We have a responsibility to the truth and we need to protect that,” he concluded.

The GFA is currently battling Accra Great Olympics in court over the former’s premier league status which has held up the start of the 2017/2018 Ghana Premier League season.




By: Fentuo Tahiru