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The NDC, NPP and CPP’s menu for Ghana sports


As we head into the election season, political parties have started rolling out their various programmes and policies for the development of Ghana. A lot will be promised in terms of roads, schools, hospitals and jobs and there will also be the promise of better lives and a great economic climate that will make us all feel better. But what ...

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Ghana Sports in 2016: What to expect

Minister-of-sport-mustapha-ahmed-3-522x330 (1)

The beginning of every New Year is greeted with resolutions from people, institutions and organizations with the aim of doing better than the previous year. The targets, whether realistic or unrealistic, confirms the saying “Aim for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”. In respect to the sporting sector in Ghana, we do expect to ...

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Ebola outbreak freezes sports in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone football player (in blue)

The recent outbreak of Ebola in some West African countries has brought, as many would expect, several effects on the health sectors of the affected countries but in the last few days, the sporting side of life in those countries have also been hit hard by the disease. Sierra Leone is one affected country and various aspects of its sports ...

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